Weird things women keep in their handbags

Weird things women keep in their handbags

September 27, 2017 0 By handbag

Most women carry a handbag around with them every day without really knowing what is lurking in its depths.

We asked four women in the office to tip out their bags, revealing the horrors within.

And the results were very interesting.

Social Producer Sally Biddall was shocked to discover that everything in her bag is ‘covered in shit’ and that she carries enough medication to start her own pharmacy.

Lifestyle Reporter Ellen Scott carries broken earphones and Rebecca Reid’s bag contained treasures such as tampon applicators, plugs and a membership card to a gym she has never been to.

Illustrator Ella Byworth discovered that she is a cutlery hoarder as spoons, knives and forks tumbled out of her handbag.

It turns out that we’re not alone in our nasty ways. According to a study conducted by Mentos gum, 33% of women never clear out their handbags.

Experts recommend cleaning the inside of your bag weekly with an anti-bacterial wipe – but if you can’t manage that, at least throw out the chewing gum wrapped in receipts and used tissues.