Wii joke

Top definition. Nintendo Wii unknown. From a recent poll on a gaming site, only 9. The innovative idea of using a remote control-like gaming control in which you can point to the screen and actually interact like you are in the game itself is what draws people in since the other system in progress PS3 doesn't and the already-released system, X-Box could not compare aswell.
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Nintendo Wii U Jokes - Nintendo One Liners Jokes

This is the thread where you post jokes about the WiiU's name. I'll start. So, I'll be attending Wii University in , how about you? Well, I'm already attending VU , so I don't see the joke :. For a sec, I thought Nintendo was going to deliver another conference. That was a close one. I heard Nintendo just annouced another version of the WiiU called the Wiipoopoo!!!

The officially official WiiU name joke thread!

I write about Breath of the Wild in more detail here. But, basically, the new Zelda is so massive, it almost seems infinite. But the brilliance of these controllers is in the ergonomics. The way these Joy-Cons fit in each hand makes them exactly right for lengthy play in an open world game like Zelda.
A: I want a wii-match! What do you use to predict the future of Nintendo? A: Nothing. Wii's don't talk, asswipe.
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